Kicking off this blog thing…

Hello!  If you’re here, and you’re reading…thank you!  This blog is an adventure, brought to you by Off the Vine Market based out of Lanexa.  We will strive to bring you a couple of great features in this blog:

  • info about the products we carry
  • recipes using the products we carry
  • helpful links and resources
  • a forum for discussion
  • pictures and interviews that help you know the producers of our goods
  • interesting stories and humorous anecdotes, as life allows

What does this mean for you?  Well, we hope that you find this blog interesting and helpful (and if you don’t, pass along your ideas to us so we can make it happen!).  As a reader, we really hope that you consider involving yourself in this blog by: 1) signing up to the right to receive emails about upcoming posts, or check back with us often; and 2) leaving comments when you do!  Blogs are a kind of informal community conversation.  We hope to build this blog into an ongoing conversation about great food and about how buying locally and ethically can build a better community with healthier individuals.  Chime in!

So who is typing this thing, anyway?  That would be me, Tiffany.  I love food, I love talking about food, eating food, cooking food, shopping for food…and as a natural extension of all that food-love, blogging about food.  I’m eager to seek answers to your questions and write stories and articles that are helpful and interesting to you, so please post all of your feedback!  I have been a customer of Off the Vine Market since Fall of 2009 and enjoy the products!


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