Aparagus!! Part 2

Here’s another yummy asparagus recipe.  I had it the other night, inspired by a recipe on allrecipes.com.  I make recipes for two different reasons: either it’s something I really want to make and taste, OR I just need to find some magical combination of stuff I already have and achieve this synergy of delicious nourishment.  Honestly, recipes pursued for the latter reason usually fail and are nourishing but infrequently delicious.

This was a stab at the “what can I combine???” approach.  I’d have to say it was one of my most successful “desperate attempts” yet.  So successful, in fact, I’m eager to make it again–and share with you!!

Asparagus-Goat cheese Quesadilla

Asparagus–saute lightly in olive oil until warm.  I also cut my spears into 2-3in long pieces.

Set aside… Heat a tortilla.  Spread some goat cheese to cover one half of the tortilla.  Nestle in the asparagus.  I like a lot, so I made a very tightly-packed single layer of spears.  Throw on some freshly-cracked black pepper.  Also toss in some fresh cilantro.  Again, I like this a lot, so I used a lot–made sure to have at least a leaf in every bite.  Fold over the quesadilla and grill in a saucepan until everything gets warm.  The goat cheese will start to meld together and envelop the asparagus.  The tortilla will begin to harden up.  I preferred the tortilla a little more stiff and toasty for a good outer crunch.

Enjoy.  It was just that simple!  And it was GREAT.

PS. You can get almost all of these ingredients from us 😀


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