Kombucha Part III: Tea Time by Mike Verano


It worked! Over the weekend we filtered our tea into smaller containers, placed them in the refrigerator, and after a few hours tasted our creation. Kathy took the first sip, out of her desire to protect me and her basic philosophy of “I’ll try anything once.” In all honesty, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and Kathy was overjoyed that she did not have to write this post while I was in the hospital recovering from Kombucha poisoning.

The taste is very unique, and for a non-tea drinking person like myself, unlike any black tea I have ever tasted. The carbonation that comes from the final days of letting it rest adds a nice zing. We read that when starting out it is best to let your body adjust to the tea, due to its detoxifying properties, so Kathy and I started with a glass (1.5 ml for those who lean towards OCD) and will work our way up from there.

For the sake of variety, I added a slice of fresh ginger to one batch. However, I will probably avoid going the route taken by some internet brewers of adding fruit flavors, and stick with the straight-up taste. In the world of Kombucha brewing this is known as going Komando, or at least it will be known as that once this blog goes viral and everyone realizes just how cool it is to make this drink at home.

To answer the questions raised at the end of the last blog, for those prone to needing answers:

1. What does it taste like?
A. It tastes like apple beer but that’s just an approximation.
2. What’s the best way to serve it?
A. Go Komando!
3. Was it worth the effort?
A. It could not be easier and when you do a quick search for what it costs to buy Kombucha tea you will never look back.
4. How many more questions can he have about home-brewed tea?
A. None
5. What does he do when he’s not writing about home-brewed tea?
A. None of your business and I’m shocked that you would even ask.
6. What’s up with all of the questions?
A. That’s a question itself so I could just as easily ask you the same.
7. Does he really think I have time to waste reading meaningless questions?
A. You’ve made it to seven so far.
8. I can’t believe I’m still reading these questions, what’s happening to me?
A. Nothing’s happening that a nice cold glass of Kombucha tea can’t heal. Drink up!


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