Off the Vine Market, Inc., was founded in 2009 by Tess Schaffner.  It aims to serve customers, communities, and local producers in the Williamsburg/Hampton Roads region.  Off the Vine Market maintains a commitment to high-quality foods and household products with special attention to naturally, organically and ethically produced local goods.  In addition to produce, dairy, and meats, Off the Vine Market also carries assorted other products, including coffees and teas, soaps, crafts and garden plants.

This blog was originally written and created by Tiffany Lanigan, a customer based in Toano, Virginia.  Tiffany is an avid lover of food and hopes that her passion for high-quality food products can be adequately conveyed through text (is it gauche to over-use the exclamation point?).  Tiffany married the handsome and dashing Nishant Chadha and relocated to the west coast to be a stay at home spouse and writing various other blogs about her new life and adventures!

This site is now maintained by various Guest Bloggers to include customers, Chefs, Vendors, and local foodies. 

Interested Bloggers, please send your posts to:  OffTheVineMarket@gmail.com


Tiffany Lanigan


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